Item collection 793060 original

Red fused fractured glass handcrafted earrings


Item collection 793059 original

Necklace fused glass shard sculpture in blues with dichroic and black


Item collection 793063 original

Patchwork quilt dichroic pendant in fused glass


Item collection 793071 original

Necklace in Cranberry Streaky fused glass with Green Dichroic accent


Item collection 793083 original

Unisex Handmade Pendant in Fused Black Irridized Glass


Item collection 793082 original

Necklace fused glass dichroic gold swirl futuristic cross on black


Item collection 793085 original

Pink and Black necklace with pink bead and black beaded chain


Item collection 793093 original

Necklace fused glass zebra dichro adventurine blue sides on white


Item collection 793098 original

Cranberry Streaky fused Glass Earrings with Green Dichro accent


Item collection 793106 original

Black with silver dichoic fused glass glistening earrings


Item collection 793113 original

necklace fused glass technicolor dichroic pattern on a grey base


Item collection 793117 original

Earrings in burnt orange dichroic fused glass


Item collection 793119 original

Necklace fused dichroic and black glass in abstract paw like shape


Item collection 793123 original

Necklace fused glass clear and black with dichroic design on surface


Item collection 793142 original

Pendant fused glass in sunny yellow, grey on sides accented by dichro


Item collection 793141 original

DIchroic etched four leaf clover fused glass necklace in green


Item collection 793148 original

Necklace white dichroic fused glass accented in center


Item collection 793153 original

Necklace features multiple colors and dichroic textures,square shaped


Item collection 793165 original

Necklace green dichro fused glass on adventurine blue streaky


Item collection 793166 original

Fused glass faux black opal cabachon necklace on silver box chain


Item collection 793177 original

Necklace clear rainbow dichroic fused glass of Egyptian symbol


Item collection 793179 original

Red orange etched dichroic and black necklace


Item collection 793185 original

Pierced earrings stud style with dichro fused to black base glass


Item collection 793189 original

Cuff links and tie clip of fused iridized glass on black


Item collection 793197 original

Necklace of fused glass in lavender and deep purple with clear


Item collection 793199 original

Dichroic cuff link and tie clip


Item collection 793216 original

Earrings pierced stud style lavender and dark purple fused glass


Item collection 793229 original

Handmade brown fused glass earrings with silver dichroic in center


Item collection 793234 original

Necklace streaky adventurine blue handmade fused glass


Item collection 793237 original

Necklace fused blue raised glass on black with dichro accent


Item collection 793246 original

Cross necklace in black with green gold dichro inserts


Item collection 793252 original

Necklace fused glass white base blue frit with slash gold dichro


Item collection 278912 original

Bracelet irridescent black with dichro accent


Item collection 273875 original

Believe or not Dichroic pendant


Item collection 278922 original

Bracelet Forest Green handmade Cabachons


Item collection 276389 original

Handcrafted dichroic fused glass pendant


Item collection 244867 original

luminescent fused glass cross


Item collection 283172 original

Dichroic Teal and Magenta Pendant


Item collection 270302 original

Zebra dichro pendant


Item collection 2991 original

Handcrafted heart pendant


Item collection 628525 original

Necklace red fused glass with dichro dragonfly


Item collection 793198 original

Black and white classic abstract shape necklace contasting accents


Item collection 793217 original

black and white fused glass earrings in abstract design


Item collection 246634 original

Cabinet or drawer handle


Item collection 244773 original

Fused glass purple sharktooth shape necklace


Item collection 244775 original

black pendant and earrings with dichro accent


Item collection 244776 original

dichro fused glass stars and stripes necklace


Item collection 244798 original

Cremains memory pendant


Item collection 244853 original

Dichro fused glass tie clip and cuff links


Item collection 244860 original

earrings fused art glass


Item collection 2796 original

bubble earrings


Item collection 2813 original

Multi colored spring pendant


Item collection 3008 original

Handmade pendant of blue dichro fused glass


Item collection 270244 original

Warp Dichro Pendant & Earrings


Item collection 279476 original

Dichroic Fused Glass Handmade Earrings


Item collection 628381 original

Dichroic demure thorn design necklace of fused glass


Item collection 265724 original

Dainty dichroic necklace


Item collection 274140 original

multicolored dichro dainty pendant


Item collection 290970 original

Dichroic Fused Glass Pendant


Item collection 261091 original

necklace in shades of green



Welcome to Moltonglass studio.our location is in Saskatchewan,Canada.We create handmade fused glass, wearable and functional pieces.We look forward to providing you with quality work,please feel free to contact us with any questions.Our blog is "ALWAYS an ORIGINAL"