Item collection 244867 original

luminescent fused glass cross


Item collection 628525 original

Necklace red fused glass with dichro dragonfly


Item collection 244773 original

Fused glass purple sharktooth shape necklace


Item collection 244776 original

dichro fused glass stars and stripes necklace


Item collection 628381 original

Dichroic demure thorn design necklace of fused glass


Item collection 265724 original

Dainty dichroic necklace


Item collection 261091 original

necklace in shades of green


Item collection 605172 original

Black fused glass necklace with variety dichro accents


Item collection 260882 original

Multicolor windmill necklace


Item collection 261126 original

necklace in brown,red with star accent


Item collection 265710 original

Sunny yellow fused glass necklace


Item collection 282092 original

Vibrant dichroic necklace


Item collection 291003 original

Pink and White Shard Scupture Necklace


Item collection 270270 original

Black Rainbow Dichro Necklace


Item collection 261147 original

Fused glass dichro necklace


Item collection 261137 original

Necklace white with dichroic accent



Welcome to Moltonglass studio.our location is in Saskatchewan,Canada.We create handmade fused glass, wearable and functional pieces.We look forward to providing you with quality work,please feel free to contact us with any questions.Our blog is "ALWAYS an ORIGINAL"